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Waam systems
Quality. Automated.

Elevating Productivity and Quality in Repair and 3D Printing of Metal Parts Through Frictionless Automation.

MaxQ Repair

Your all-in-one automated solution for repairing metal parts prone to wear, like rails, rotors, and dies.

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MaxQ 3D Print

Your turnkey WAAM system for high-quality 3D printing of large and complex parts.

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About MaxQ

To achieve first time right repair and manufacturing of certified parts, RAMLAB has developed MaxQ. MaxQ stands for maximum quality, RAMLAB’s quality monitoring and control system. MaxQ monitors and controls the complete welding process fully automated, freeing up time for the operator. MaxQ Repair and MaxQ 3D print are turn key solutions that instantly increase your repair and manufacturing productivity.


Unmatched quality
through material expertise

We achieve superior quality by leveraging our expertise in materials and certified processes

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