The WAAM system for size and productivity

MaxQ Robot

MaxQ Robot combines production quality, efficiency and smooth operation in a single WAAM system. The combination of the Panasonic TAWERS robot with the MaxQ sensors and software creates unrivaled quality and production speed. On top of that MaxQ gives you indisputable evidence of indisputable production quality.

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The WAAM system for flexibility

MaxQ Cobot

MaxQ Cobot is the automatic repair solution for metal parts that are subject to wear in service, such as rail, rotors and dies. MaxQ Cobot combines RAMLAB’s MaxQ with the Techman collaborative robot and Miller weld source. Parts are welded back to their original shape with high quality using automatic 3D scanning & toolpath planning, interpass temperature control and voltage and current monitoring.

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Zivid Two 3D camera | For geometry monitoring and control
Xi 80 Thermal camera | For interpass temperature control
Techman Robot TMX 12 | To work alongside humans
Industrial backend pc | With MaxQ software
Miller Auto-Continuum 350 | For high quality welding
MaxQ operator app | Ease of use for the operator
HF Voltage and Current sensors | For anomaly detection
About RAMLAB’s monitoring and control system

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Materials library

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