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Stellite 6

Alloy: Co / Cr / W / C
Wire feedstock: WT-6 GMAW-C

Stellite 6 is a cobalt base superally consisting of a matrix containing dispersed carbides. It is a wear resistance alloy, with excellent corrosion and mechanical properties up to 500 degrees Celsius. Because of its properties it used in valves seals and gates, pump shafts and bearings, erosion shields and rolling couples. Furthermore Stellite 6 is used in aero engines, gas turbines and the nuclear industry.


This material can be printed in combination with S355, AISI 316L and AISI 420

Mechanical properties

The mentioned mechanical properties can vary according to design changes, process parameters optimization and strategy selection.

WAAM (z- direction)
Compared to casting
Yield Strength
620 MPa
700 MPa
Ultimate Strength
1100 MPa
850 MPa
Printing strategy
Straight lines
Heat treatment

General remarks
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General explanation
Printing strategies
Straight lines strategy: several welding beads overlapped next to each other
Oscillation: continuous zig-zag bead that fills the entire layer

Heat treatement
Stress relief: due to the high residual stresses build up in the WAAM product, this heat treatment is necessary to minize residual stresses.

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