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MaxQ for WAAM
Maximum quality assurance for WAAM

  • Automated continuous additive manufacturing of metal parts
  • Anomaly detection and alerts
  • Welding parameter analysis  (including current, voltage, speed, wire feed speed, gas flow etc.)
  • Automatic data logging and reporting for evaluation and certification
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Meet MaxQ for WAAM

MaxQ monitoring and control

MaxQ is the monitoring and control system developed by RAMLAB to automate the Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing process. Combined with the welding system of your choice, high quality WAAM becomes accessible for every company.

MaxQ for WAAM

MaxQ for WAAM automates the manufacturing, evaluation and certification of additive manufactured metal parts. MaxQ for WAAM streamlines Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing with automated interpass temperature control, geometry monitoring and correction and precise anomaly detection and tracing. Evaluation, reporting and certification is automated by logging data and with reporting based on sensor data. In this way MaxQ for WAAM increases the control over the quality of printed parts, while saving time.

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MaxQ systems for WAAM

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MaxQ + Panasonic robot

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WAAM Cases with MaxQ

MaxQ WAAM cases

RAMLAB unveils world’s first class apporved 3D printed ship’s propeller

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MaxQ WAAM cases

AMable: RAMLAB delivers its first Ti6Al4V part

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MaxQ WAAM cases

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