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MaxQ Repair
Automate your repair jobs 

MaxQ Repair is an all-in-one automated solution for the repair of metal parts, such as rails, rotors, and dies, that are subject to wear in service. This innovative system combines RAMLAB’s MaxQ Repair software and MaxQ Monitoring & Control Sensor Suite with a collaborative robot (cobot) or robot equipped with a welding source. Parts are restored to their original shape using high-quality automated 3D scanning, toolpath planning, interpass temperature control, and voltage and current monitoring. With MaxQ Repair, repair jobs have never been safer, faster, or better executed!
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Scan. Plan. Repair. Repeat.

Repair efficiently

Time is of the essence in any production process. MaxQ Repair is the embodiment of efficiency, with the capability to deposit 300% more metal per hour than traditional methods. It’s like your best welder, but on a never-ending energy supply.

Repair with superior quality

Quality is uncompromised with MaxQ Repair. Its unique automated tool path generation and projection software, coupled with real-time monitoring of current and voltage, provides unparalleled welding quality. Get ready to experience the best in class welding quality.

Increase work safety

With MaxQ Repair, experience a new standard of safety. This advanced solution embraces technology to provide a welding environment that is inherently safe, free from the conventional hazards typically associated with the process.

How it works

MaxQ Repair consists of:

MaxQ Repair Software

  • Frictionless automated workflow: scan, plan & repair
  • Quality ensured through monitoring & control dashboard
  • Built-in reporting tools for tracking of material consumption and arc on-time

MaxQ Sensor Suite

  • Compact 3D camera for geometry control
  • High precision thermal camera for interpass temperature control
  • Proprietary current & voltage sensors for logging and anomaly detection

The robot that suits your needs


Techman TM12

800 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm
Build volume
Fronius, Miller or Lincoln Electric
Weld source

Panasonic TL-1800

1400 mm x 1000 mm x 800 mm
Build volume
Weld Source

Hyundai HH020L

5000 mm x 2000 mm x 1500 mm
Build volume
Weld source
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