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MaxQ is the monitoring and control system developed by RAMLAB consisting of a sensor and software suite that can be easily integrated with welding robots. MaxQ automates the production, quality inspection and certification process for WAAM, robotic welding and repair jobs
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WAAM done right

Our mission at RAMLAB is to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing technology to enable the wide-scale availability of certified metal parts on-demand. From our experience, we have learned that the most challenging aspect of WAAM is controlling the mechanical properties and the quality of manufactured parts. Many different factors affect the mechanical properties of a WAAM part, e.g. the design, the equipment and the wire feedstock to name a few. To achieve first time right manufacturing of certified parts, we have developed MaxQ: RAMLAB’s quality monitoring and control system for WAAM. The system monitors and controls the complete manufacturing process fully automated, freeing up time for the operator. 

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