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Projects and papers

RAMLAB originated from an initiative of three founding partners: Port of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter and RDM Next. To achieve its vision of manufacturing certified metal parts on demand through Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, RAMLAB has built a powerful network of partners that provide hardware, software, and guidance on certification of the WAAM process. Also, RAMLAB has a growing list of end users that share the vision of Additive Manufacturing.

RAMLAB provides its partners easy access to an open innovation ecosystem in which the necessary resources and research on additive manufacturing are shared to the benefit of all. Close collaboration on joint projects accelerates the development and dissemination of relevant knowledge at a rate unattainable by a company operating on its own.

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Research projects

  • WAAMTOP – Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing with Titanium for large Parts
    WAAMTOP is an AMable project and enables and optimises the deposition of large industrial titanium components with the use of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.
  • Grade2XL
    Grade2XL is a joint EU development programme aligning partners along the value chain to foster the rapid development of WAAM materials and process. Grade2XL will deliver multi-material products of superior quality and performance. The high printing rate of WAAM, combined with the ability to control material properties down to the nanoscale, will allow to build strong and durable engineering structures. Read more.
  • AiM2XL
    AiM2XL is the first materials-centric research programme worldwide on direct metal deposition technologies, delivering fundamental knowledge on the relationship between processing conditions and the resulting WAAM microstructures and a collaboration between RAMLAB, TU Delft, UT Twente, TU Eindhoven and TU Groningen.
    SMITZH (Smart Manufacturing Initiative for the province of South Holland) is an initiative to stimulate smart manufacturing (industry 4.0) for the greater Rotterdam area. RAMLAB is involved in demonstration of WAAM across several industrial use cases, including: the world’s heaviest WAAM crane (WAAMhook), WAAM repair of mould and dies; a monitoring and control app for monomaterial WAAM processes.

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Papers & conferences

Research papers
  • Ya, W., & Hamilton, K. (2017, September). On-Demand Spare Parts for the Marine Industry with Directed Energy Deposition: Propeller Use Case. In International Conference on Additive Manufacturing in Products and Applications (pp. 70-81). Springer, Cham.
  • Ya, W., Goulas, C., Hamilton, K., Hermans, M., Römer, G. W., & Richardson, I. (2017, September). Microstructure and mechanical properties of CuAl8Ni6 produced by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for marine applications. In European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes, EUROMAT 2017.
  • Ya, W., Pathiraj, B., Matthews, D. T., Bright, M., & Melzer, S. (2018). Cladding of Tribaloy T400 on steel substrates using a high power Nd: YAG laser. Surface and Coatings Technology, 350, 323-333.
  • Ya, W., & Pathiraj, B. (2018). Residual stresses in Stellite 6 layers cladded on AISI 420 steel plates with a Nd: YAG laser. Journal of Laser Applications, 30(3), 032007.
  • Lin, Z., Goulas, C., Ya, W., & Hermans, M. J. (2019). Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Steel Deposits Obtained via Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing Using Metal-Cored Wire. Metals, 9(6), 673.
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International conferences
  • C. Goulas, W. Ya, B.A. di Castri, V. Venkata Subramanian, and M.J.M. Hermans: Influence of the material deposition strategy on the microstructure and mechanical properties of S690 steel by Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing, European Conference on Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials (ESIAM19), Trondheim, NO. Oral
    presentation, abstract published in proceedings.
  • C. Goulas, M. Agnani, W. Ya, I.M. Richardson and M.J.M. Hermans, Compositionally Graded Manganese Aluminium Bronze by in-situ alloying during Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing optimized for corrosion resistance, IIW 2019 intermediate meeting, Greifswald, D. Oral presentation, slides published in meeting proceedings.
  • C. Goulas, S. Kiakidis, W. Ya, Y. Gonzalez-Garcia, M.J.M. Hermans and I.M. Richardson, Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of Mn Al-Bronze produced by Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing. IIW 2018 annual assembly, Oral presentation, full article published in conference proceedings.
  • C. Goulas, W. Ya, R.H. Petrov, M.C.M. Hermans, and I.M. Richardson, Texture development in steel components produced by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. ICOTOM Conference, St George, UT, USA. Oral presentation, Abstract published in proceedings.
  • W. Ya, C. Goulas, K. Hamilton, M.C.M. Hermans, G.R.B.E. Romer, and I.M. Richardson Microstructure and mechanical properties of CuAl8Ni6 produced by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for marine applications. EUROMAT congress, Thessaloniki, Greece. Abstract published in proceedings.
  • M. Agnani, C. Goulas, W. Ya, M.C.M Hermans. Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing of Functionally Graded Deposits. EUROMAT congress, Thessaloniki, Greece. Poster presentation and abstract published in proceedings.