Zidong Lin, Kaijie Song, Wei Ya and Xinghua Yu

Parametric and Metallurgical Investigation of Modified 3D
AM 80 HD Steel for Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing


Wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is an advanced 3D printing method for metallic materials on the foundation of traditional arc welding processes. WAAM is regarded as a proper way to manufacture large-dimensional metallic parts with the combination of high deposition rate and low cost. In this research, a specifically designed and manufactured low carbon high strength steel (Grade 3D AM 80 HD) wire, equivalent to a composition of AWS ER 110S-1 wire, was deposited using WAAM to print a muti-beads wall aiming to explore its feasibility for heavily loaded marine applications. A parametric investigation was proceeded to find the optimal deposition voltage and overlap ratio. A vertical position compensation method was adopted to optimize the step-up distance for welding torch between neighboring layers. Microstructure of the deposited component was characterized and also
indicated by Thermal-Calc Software, followed by the measurement of hardness and prediction of tensile strength. Furthermore, a comparison of tensile strength of the WAAMed 3D AM 80 HD wall, 3D AM 80 HD wire, AWS ER 110S-1 wire, and a WAAMed wall produced by wire manufacturer (Voestalpine Böhler Welding Corporation) was conducted.

Keywords. Wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), Steel, Parametric investigation, Microstructure, Mechanical properties.