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Lemtech: ‘We want the turn key WAAM concept to be a success’

By March 27, 2017No Comments

Most partners of RAMLAB bring knowledge to discover the possibilities of additive manufacturing. For Lemtech, it’s slightly different. This partner has just installed an extraction filter system at RAMLAB. “By showing the complete concept of wire arc additive manufacturing including the extraction system, we want to show other companies that this technology works.”

Clean air for every industrial workspot; that is the mission of Lemtech. The Dutch company provides its customers with solutions for welding fumes. A perfect partner for RAMLAB, because Lemtech ensures that the robots at RAMLAB can do their work without causing air-related problems in the surrounding area. Owner of Lemtech, Jacquelien van der Lem explains: “The hood is closed during welding and our filter system is BGIA/IFA certified, making sure that all the welding fumes are clean after filtering and can be fed back into the work area. So 100% will be recirculated. And the system is energy-efficient.”

Reaching out to the maritime and offshore industry
Lemtech wants to be involved in new welding processes and new possibilities for robotics in the field of welding. That is why Lemtech has decided to join RAMLAB and to invest in the lab with its air filtration system. Jacquelien van der Lem: “To cooperate on this scale is new to us. By working together with RAMLAB, we hope to achieve two goals. One is to reach out to the maritime and offshore industry, by reducing delivery times. The other goal is to show a complete turnkey concept including robots, 3D printing and of course an air filtration system.” Jacquelien van der Lem continues: “We want to make this technology as accessible as possible, so that other companies eventually will use wire arc additive manufacturing too.”