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Element: ‘RAMLAB and its partners show a lot of ambition’

By April 21, 2017No Comments

Everything Element Material Technology does is designed to deliver one thing –  certainty. That’s why RAMLAB is excited to welcome Element as our new partner. Department manager at Element, Bob Klaver: “I see a lot of potential in this collaboration, and I definitely believe it will be a success.”

Element focuses on the testing of products and materials and has a global network of testing labs. Soon, Element and RAMLAB will work together to ensure that the materials and structures produced by RAMLAB are of the best quality. Bob Klaver explains why Element has chosen to partner with RAMLAB: “We are a testing company, and for us it’s always important to think about the future. We want to be one step ahead all of the time. Partnering with RAMLAB helps us achieve that.”

Sharing knowledge at RAMLAB
After Bob Klaver attended RAMLAB’s first partner meeting, he knew that this partnership was a good choice for Element. “It’s interesting to see that not only the industry, but also research institutes like TU Delft are on board. That is very relevant to us, because collaborating with these institutes will help us to be on the forefront of developments.” Would Bob Klaver advise others to join RAMLAB? “It’s a bit early to say, but what I can say is that RAMLAB provides a great platform for networking and for staying involved in the products and materials of the future. I believe that this collaboration will help us to accelerate, and that is exactly what we want.”