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RAMLAB takes next step in Monitor & Control system with SMITZH

By June 22, 2020July 16th, 2021No Comments

In this interview Ramlab managing director Vincent Wegener talks with SMITZH about the topics of monitoring and control, the RAMLAB material library and the ways in which RAMLAB is innovating.

With Support of SMITZH, the Smart Manufacturing initiative of the Province of South Holland, fieldlab RAMLAB is working on the development of 3D metal printing, specifically Wire Arc Additive Manufacuturing. With the use of short-term well defined projects, the large scale impact of their WAAM technology is getting closer. The goal is to make the technology accesible for SMEs and to let the region acquire a unique competitive position in Europe. Recently RAMLAB delivered an innovation project together with their partners in the field of monitoring and control. The results: a first proof of concept of a monitoring and control application, an extensive material library and a clear value proposition of the developed technology.

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.